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Controlled Temperature

Teu Transitário has at its disposal services transport controlled temperature

Transportation in temperature controlled

The transport under controlled temperature is crucial to many elements to be transported. Perishable goods and other such as substances requiring special care must be transported under specific circumstances.

TEU forwarder has at its disposal solutions for transport under controlled temperature.

FLEXITANK are installed in the Maritimes Containers 20’, converting them in an economic and efficient mean of transportation of liquid bulk , with load capacity 16000-25000 liters of product depending on its density .

The FLEXITANK are made of various materials under a Standard ISO 9002 , using for this purpose materials such as nitrile rubber and high strength nylon fabric coated on both sides with polyurethane, thermoplastic polyethylene and polypropene . These materials approved by the U.S. Food & Drugs Administration (FDA) and other related entities for the Transportation of Food Products.

We can enumerate Wine, Olive Oil, Juice Concentrate, Drinking Water.

Thermal Blanket / Thermo Liner

Thermal Blanket is especially used to protect Wine and other sensitive items to temperature variations during the Maritime Transportation Products, substantially avoiding temperature variations .

The Thermal Blanket is also used for individual coverage pallet for transport in LCL.

Controlled Temperature

The Transportation of Perishable Goods is handled by our team of experts.

For the Transportation of Refrigerated containers we have available special trucks equipped with their own generator.

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